"Marshall Karp's Job Search Power Meter approach to teaching people effective job search is a method which works.

The use of the Job Search Power Meter desensitizes people to the fear associated with cold contacts.  It prepares people for handling rejection and developing encounters.  Most importantly, retention of content is enhanced through structured practice and frequent repetition demanded with their use"

Dick Gaither
Senior Training Advisor
Job Search Training Systems
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Reviewed in What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017

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Job Search Power Meter

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Minimize the “Resume Black Hole” When Applying for Jobs Using These Tools

Many job seekers feel overwhelmed in their search, or don’t feel like they’re making progress. Minimize that by having daily or weekly ‘Job Search Action Items’ where you’re taking even small measures towards your overall goal of finding a new satisfying career. One tool we’ve found that helps you capture your action items and also provides advice is called Job Search Power Meter .

By Erica Woods, Manager of Contractor and Community Relations, and

Chelsea Derr, Apex Career Coach

​Apex Systems

Job Search Power Meter" is reviewed in Appliv!

Faster Progress

"Executing a successful job search is tedious and often discouraging work, so staying on target is critical to your success. Marshall Karp’s Job Search Power Meter will keep you focused on productive job search activities that  develop leads and generate job interviews."

Martin Yate CPC

NY Times Bestseller

Executive Resume Writer, Executive Career Coach

The Job Search Power will track your progress towards getting a new job. You will feel better everyday knowing you are moving toward your new job.


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