You will get encouragement phrases for emotional and motivational rewards for your hard work and effort.

Record your daily job search activity.  The different activities will move the Power Meter up at different rates and speeds with the Higher Percentages moving up the fastest.

You can share your results on your social media, with someone, and post to your calendar.  This is useful to track your daily progress and encouragement purposes.

Getting more job interviews faster will increase your chances of getting a job offer sooner!

Your goal is to top the Power Meter every day.  Consistently topping the Power Meter every day will increase your chances of getting job interviews!  

Tapping your job search activity will cause the Power Meter to rise

First, determine if your job search activity is in the High, Medium, or Low Percentage Category

The categories are based on my 31 years of career counseling experience helping job hunters.

Your goal is to move the Power Meter from Red to Yellow to Green every day

The Job Search Power Meter is a powerful tool to help increase your chances of securing more interviews faster.

​Whatever you are doing with your job hunt, you must generate interviews.  No interviews, no job offers.

There is no guarantee of how long it takes to get a new job or even getting a new job, but the Job Search Power Meter can better your chances by daily consistent productive job search activity.

Instructions and Features

The Job Search Power Meter resets every night so you can start again the next new day.  You can also reset and re-enter anytime you want.